AboutWho We Are

We are technological pioneers in the pipeline infrastructure sector, vertically integrating the
value chain of infrastructure pipeline development, from On-Site pipe manufacturing
delivering unique pipe segment lengths up to our product trenching and installation. We
form strategic alliances from Raw Material Supplier to End-User of the HDPE pipeline
infrastructure owner, empowering us with a unique competitive advantage around the world
when it comes to HDPE pipeline network development.

Infinipipe offers a patented & unique solution in the globe for huge PE pipe infrastructure
projects. We have developed a complete transportable HDPE pipe production unit that can
be easily deployed on the project location and supply pipelines on-site.

Our Factory

Our Industrial Hub in the MENA Region is based in the 4th Industrial Zone, Block 33 nr 11, Borg El Arab, Alexandria Egypt.

Our Facility contains

1 x Mobile (Transporrtable) HDPE Production Line working (deployable for large projects)
Our Production Capacity is between 2000 upto 6000 Tons per annum.

Our Vision

Future cities will be built in an ever-increasing efficiency, we believe to be pioneering the natural development of the pipeline infrastructure sector. Our strength comes from our engineering skills and the desire to change the market in our sector. We believe to be supplying the solution for commercially viable HDPE pipeline infrastructure, opening new
horizons in commercial assessments of the future green energy supplies over the globe.